WiFi– method of organization of access to the Internet. Its main feature is the use of radio channels for communication of digital data, that it is wireless connection. WiFi technology allows to communicate by the high-frequency radio channel (2.4 GHz) of standard IEEE 802.11.

Devices that supports IEEE 802.11g work on frequency range 2.4 GHz and provide a data rate up to 54 Mbit/s. The devices of new generation with support of 802.11n standard are able to provide data transfer rate up to 300 Mbit/s – such access points are used by Wnet for organization of the wireless network.

The access point sends to other WiFi-devices the SSID(Service Set IDentifier) by the special packets, alarm packets, transmissible each 100 ms. Knowing the parameters of network (SSID), a client can find out whether connecting is possible to this access point.

A typical radius of access point is about 100 m, but on the open area can be increased by 3-4 times, reaching 400 m around.

Wnet.WiFi network first in Ukraine supports the WMM (WiFi Multimedia) technology - it is based on traffic prioritization and allows to provide multimedia information (voice, video) with more bandwidth. Use of WMM reduce packet transfer delays, what makes time-sensitive applications performance more comfortable.

Ability to use wireless networks for information, voice and multimedia application makes WiFi very reliable, like standard wire solutions.

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