About the network

Wnet.WiFi is the dynamically growing wireless access network based on WiFi technology in Kiev and other largest cities of Ukraine. There are two types of areas of access - commercial and free of charge.

Wnet wireless access network based on the latest equipment of standard IEEE 802.11n. Devices, using these standard, can provide up to 300 Mbit/s connection on frequency 2.4 GHz. Such bandwidth is comparable with the very powerful leased line.

Wnet.WiFi network first in Ukraine supports the WMM (WiFi Multimedia) technology - it is based on traffic prioritization and intended for better data, voice and video communication.

Network identifier (SSID) of Wnet wireless network is wifi.wnet.ua.

Free sites

For the users of the network, not depending of type of area, commercial or free of charge, Wnet offers several free sites. There are news portal, on-line radio, and also free mail server and personal blog.

Free stuff

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