Terms and Conditions

LLC "Double-U NONE", hereinafter referred to as "Provider" in the person of Paul's Eugene V., which operates under the Charter, provides an individual, hereinafter referred to as "Subscriber", a public offer to provide access services Internet by WiFi technology on the following conditions:

1. Terms and Definitions

1.1. Public offer - Provider proposal, addressed to an individual in accordance with Article 633 of the Civil Code, to conclude a contract with him to provide service access to the Internet via WiFi technology on terms that are in the public offer.

1.2. Contract - a contract to provide services of Internet access technology for WiFi, entered into between the Provider and the Subscriber on the terms of the public offer at the time of acceptance of its terms and conditions subscriber (hereinafter - Agreement).

1.3. Services - Wireless Internet access technology for WiFi, provided by the Provider to the Subscriber (hereinafter - Service).

1.4. Technology WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) - one of the formats of digital data transmission by radio, which provides wireless subscriber equipment to the Internet.

1.5. Subscriber - an individual who has entered into a Provider Agreement on the terms contained in the public offer.

1.6. Acceptance - the full and unconditional acceptance by Subscriber of the conditions of the public offer.

1.7. Prepaid card - card, with which the previous payment services. On a card printed in hard copy and covered with a protective layer the necessary credentials to use it. The card is valid until exhaustion or until the nominal expiry date.

1.8. The personal account - an account in the billing system Provider, in which advance payments are fixed subscriber and the amount of funds withheld (debited) from such payments as payment for services rendered. The personal account has a unique identifier.

1.9. Subscriber equipment - electronic device (computer, laptop, PDA, smartphone, WiFi-phone, etc..), Which supports WiFi wireless data standards IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n.

1.10. Access point - equipment designed to provide wireless Internet access in airports, train stations, hotels and other places.

1.11. The wireless adapter - hardware that provides the connection of equipment to the Internet subscriber or a local network using a standard IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n.

1.12. Session - the next single continuous use of the Service.

1.13. Zone of the service - the geographical area of ​​reliable reception signal WiFi network Provider.

1.14. WEB-BCC website - WWW-server of the provider that hosts all required information to the Service. WEB-site of the Provider is located and is available online at http://wifi.wnet.ua/.

1.15. Personal Cabinet - web-page on the WEB-site provider, which provides statistical information on the amount received by the Subscriber Services, the current state of his personal account and other information. Access to the Personal cabinet by using the equipment in the Subscriber's Area Services.

2. Subject

2.1. The provider is obligated to provide subscribers with wireless access to the Internet via WiFi technology in terms of a public offer in accordance with current legislation.

2.2. During the testing of wireless Internet access on WiFi technology can be provided without the use of prepaid cards. Upon completion of the testing period, service will be provided solely on the terms of prepaid cards prepaid or other means of payment. Information about the end of the period of testing will be available on the WEB-site Provider.

3. General Provisions

3.1. All the rights and responsibilities on behalf of the Provider set to LLC "Double-U NO».

3.2. The real public offer addressed to all individuals who wish to use the Service and have the technical ability to receive the Service. Under the technical possibilities mean stay in the area of ​​the Subscriber Services and use to access the Service Subscriber-configured hardware and software. Support for software and hardware subscriber by the subscriber alone.

3.3. The public offer is a public offering of the Provider's contract to provide service access to the Internet Technology WiFi.

3.4. Validity conditions of the public offer is not limited.

3.5. All changes and additions to the public offer be available on the WEB-site of the Provider in the manner specified in paragraph 6.9 of the offer.

3.6. All terms and conditions of the public offer shall be binding as to the Subscriber and the Provider for. Before you begin using the Service, Subscriber shall read the terms of the public offer.

4. Conclusion of Contract

4.1. Agreement on provision of services to access the Internet via WiFi technology Prepaid Card or other means of payment is by the acceptance by Subscriber of the real public offer, which contains all the essential terms of the agreement, without signing and without the Subscriber.

4.2. Complete and unconditional acceptance of a valid public offer in accordance with Article 642 of the Civil Code is the fact that payment of a sum of money for the Subscriber's access card to the Internet, or transfer a sum of money for services using other means of payment payment systems (credit cards, Web-money, etc. .).

4.3. The time of acceptance of a valid public offer as defined in paragraph 4.2, is considered the date of contract. The contract concluded with the acceptance by Subscriber of the public offer, has legal effect in accordance with Article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and is equivalent to the contract signed by the parties.

4.4. The subscriber who has activated the prepaid card, or transferred the money for the Service by other means of payment payment systems (credit cards, Web-money, etc.) is considered to be one that read and agree to the terms of the actual public offering.

4.5. The contract is effective from the date of acceptance by Subscriber of the public offer in accordance with rule-clause 4.2, to obtain the account balance is zero, or the expiration of prepaid cards.

5. The order of service.

5.1. The composition of services in accordance with valid public offer does not include setup or equipment diagnostics Subscriber, as well as configuration or diagnostic software installed on the equipment of the Subscriber.

5.2. To receive the Service subscriber should be equipped with built-in wireless adapter. In the absence of hardware built-in wireless adapter, the subscriber needs to purchase an external wireless adapter.

5.3. To connect to the Internet subscriber must establish a connection between your equipment and the access point Service Provider. Subscriber equipment and access points automatically detect each other when the wireless subscriber equipment operating conditions.

5.4. After the connection to the Subscriber will be available for viewing WEB-Site Provider, and some other WEB-sites, the full list of which is available on the WEB-site of the Provider.

5.5. To receive the Service subscriber, you must configure their equipment in accordance with the instructions contained in the WEB-Site Provider in the section "How to use» (http://wifi.wnet.ua/ua/how_to_use.html), and, being in the zone the Service, to register using the credentials in the "Register» WEB-Site Service Provider. After confirming the registration of subscriber is provided with an appropriate message on the recording.

5.6. To the end of receiving the service subscriber should disconnect from the access point provider, or stop using the Services, using the section "Exit" on the WEB-site Provider.

6. Duties and rights of the Provider

6.1. The provider is obligated to the conclusion of the Treaty to provide subscribers with the Service, subject to the personal account balance positive.

6.2. The provider is obligated to use DHCP to provide network services to the Subscriber at the time of connection, dynamic IP-address for the duration of the Session.

6.3. The provider is obligated to transmit Internet traffic to the Internet Subscriber.

6.4. The provider is obligated to provide its subscribers in electronic form, in real-time access to statistical information about the state of his personal account on the web-page Personal Subscriber office.

6.5. The provider is obligated to place on the WEB-site Provider-to-date information necessary for the Subscriber Service (address areas of the Service, the terms of service, tariffs, regulations, news, including reports on changes and / or additions to the actual conditions of the public offer and the change in tariff on services, answers to frequently asked questions, etc.)

6.6. The provider is obligated to accept the generally accepted technical and organizational measures to ensure confidentiality of information received or sent by a subscriber. Third-party access to the information received or sent by a subscriber is provided solely in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.

6.7. The provider is obligated to protect the confidentiality of Subscriber account information.

6.8. The provider is obligated to ensure the quality of the Service within the data network provider in accordance with current regulations.

6.9. The provider has the right to unilaterally make changes and additions to any item on the actual public offering, as well as to change the tariffs for the services provided with advance notice through the Subscriber's WEB-site of the Provider not less than 10 (ten) days before the changes take effect. < / p>

6.10. The provider has the right to forcibly terminate Subscriber's access to the Service in violation of the provisions of paragraph 7.5 the Subscriber. real public offer, as well as in the case of proceeds from the law enforcement official reports of unlawful use of Subscriber's access to the Internet.

6.11. The provider has the right to repair equipment and communication lines, equipment maintenance and upgrades, including a change in traffic routing patterns in the global Internet, where necessary, carry out planned and unplanned interruptions with complete or partial restriction in the provision of services to the Subscriber prior notice by posting information on the planned term and duration of the interruption on the WEB-site Provider. Carrying out maintenance and repairs performed by the Provider in the peak hours on the network.

6.12. In line with international practice, the provider reserves the right, without any notification subscriber to enter one or the other filtering or blocking of the address space and terminate Subscriber's access to certain facilities, information resources and services on the Internet (addresses, networks, servers, newsgroups, lists mailing, etc.) both in Ukraine and abroad. Access restrictions are introduced when the practice of exploitation of resources violates generally accepted standards for the use of the Internet. Restricting access applies only addressing (accessibility) and does not constitute breach of confidentiality of Subscriber.

6.13. The provider has the right to monitor the information that is received and obtained during use of the Service and disclose any information as necessary in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, at the request of competent state agencies, as well as for the normal functioning of the Service Provider or for the protection of other users and if it is not contrary to the relevant constitutional rights of citizens and applicable law.

7. Duties and rights of the Subscriber

7.1. The Subscriber undertakes to independently adjust the equipment needed to use the Service.

7.2. The Subscriber is obligated to connect to the Internet using only equipment that has the documents of certification issued in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

7.3. The Subscriber undertakes to use the Service in respect the interests of providers and other customers and do not violate their rights.

7.4. The Subscriber undertakes to independently and regularly check for changes and additions in order to provide services.

7.5. When using the Service Subscriber are prohibited:

7.5.1. Use the Service for commercial purposes, through its resale to third parties.

7.5.2. Pass and be placed on the Internet and information software that contains software viruses or other harmful components.

7.5.3. Use the Service for sending mass unsolicited messages recipients commercial, propaganda and other nature (spam).

7.5.4. Without permission of the send, publish, transmit, reproduce or distribute through the Service software or other materials, in whole or in part protected by copyrights and other rights.

7.5.5. We send advertising, information and other materials to other users of the Internet, except when the addressees agree to receive these materials.

7.5.6. Send over the Internet information dissemination, use and possession of which contradict Ukrainian or international law.

7.5.7. Use the Internet for distribution of materials that degrade human dignity, promote violence or extremism, and incite racial, ethnic or religious hatred, bullying or pursue fraudulent purposes.

7.5.8. Falsify its IP-address, the addresses used in other network protocols, as well as other service information for data transmission to the Internet.

7.5.9. Use non-existent return addresses when sending e-mails except for cases when the use of any resource on the Internet explicitly allows anonymity.

7.5.10. Taking action to change the hardware configuration or software Provider or other actions that may cause in their work.

7.5.11. Carry out unauthorized access to Internet resources, conducting or participating in unauthorized access to network equipment of other users, network attacks, and others

7.6. The subscriber has the right to require the necessary and accurate information about the provider, the statistics of the Internet.

8. The order of settlement.

8.1. Access to the Service is provided by the Provider to the Subscriber only if a positive balance of the customer's account.

8.2. Subscriber agrees that the Provider for its technical equipment monitors the state of customer's account. Since the formation of a zero balance on the account is access to the Service shall automatically expire and may be renewed only after the completion of the Personal account by purchasing and activating a new subscriber prepaid card, or using other means of payment payment systems (credit cards, Web-money and others .).

8.3. Payment for services performed in accordance with the rates Provider by debiting the customer's account is credited to the account at the time of activation of the acquired subscriber prepaid card, or using other means of payment payment systems (credit cards, Web-money, etc.) what is the down payment.

8.4. Fees for services rendered by the Provider, including fees and taxes, operating in the territory of Ukraine.

8.5. Charging rules determined by the Provider themselves.

8.6. Payment for services performed at the rates that apply at the time of service.

8.7. The maximum duration of a single session when using the Service Provider is installed. If you exceed the set value by the Provider Killing session.

9. Termination of Access to Service

9.1. Provider terminate Subscriber's access to the Service without prior notice, at zero balance customer's account or at the expiration of the prepaid card.

9.2. The provider has the right to terminate Subscriber's access to the Service if the Subscriber involved or participating in activities that Provider reasonably believes such they violate the rules and regulations to use the Service as set out in the real public offer, or those that violate the Terms of CMU "On approval of rules providing and receiving telecommunications services »№ 720 from 09.08.2005, the, the Law of Ukraine" On Telecommunications "№ 1280-IV, dated 18 November 2003 and other legislation of Ukraine.

9.3. Upon termination of access to the Service as a result of violations of the rules of the Subscriber using the Service as set out in paragraph 7.5 of the real public offer, or expiration of the prepaid card, the unused balance on the account is reimbursed or returned to the Subscriber shall not be.

9.4. Upon termination of access to the Service Provider is not responsible for the notification or no notification of any third party to deprive the Subscriber's access to the Service and for any consequences that may arise as a result of such a warning or lack thereof.

10. Procedure for consideration

10.1. Claims are shown by the Subscriber in writing and must be registered in the established order for the provider.

10.2. Complaints associated with not providing, untimely or poor provision of services shall be taken within 6 months from the date of the subject of the claim. The claims made after the time mentioned, the Provider shall not be considered.

10.3. Examination of claims made in the fixed period.

10.4. When you reject the claim in whole or in part, or no answer within the prescribed period for its consideration, the Subscriber shall have the right to sue in the courts in accordance with the procedural legislation of Ukraine.

11. Responsibility of the parties. Force majeure

11.1. Parties are responsible for the failure or improper performance of its obligations in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine.

11.2. Provider is not responsible:

11.2.1. for information, tips, software, independently obtained by Subscriber via the Internet;

11.2.2. for any expenses or losses, directly or incidentally arose as a result of obtaining an independent subscriber information and services via the Internet;

11.2.3. a loss that is attributable to unauthorized third parties to the resources of the Subscriber;

11.2.4. for loss caused by the Subscriber as a result of software obtained through the Service by Subscriber;

11.2.5. for any direct or indirect damage caused to the Subscriber in the use of or inability to use the Services;

11.2.6. for the quality of services - in the case of the Subscriber is not certified hardware, software, and if not configured subscriber software and hardware;

11.2.7. for the normal functioning and availability of individual segments of the Internet.

11.3. Provider does not guarantee:

11.3.1. opportunity to exchange information with those sites or servers that are temporarily or permanently inaccessible through the Internet;

11.3.2. absolute continuity of access to the Service;

11.3.3. the connection to the Internet to the maximum possible speed.

11.4. Subscriber is aware and agrees that it will not have claims against the Provider in connection with the fact that the services provided, due to the nature of wireless broadband access with the use of standards / protocols, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n, may deteriorate, or succumb to rummage through the obstacles near the radio sources, electrical appliances, due to architectural features of buildings, local landscapes, etc.

11.5. Subscriber shall be fully responsible for the storage of prepaid cards and credentials, and bears full responsibility for any losses that may result from unauthorized use.

11.6. Subscriber shall be solely responsible for all access to the Service and action initiated as a result of treatment to the Service, which had taken place with the introduction of user data.

11.7. Parties are not responsible for the failure or improper performance of obligations under the contract at the time of force majeure (force majeure). Under force majeure refers to the extraordinary and unavoidable under the given conditions, which hinder the parties' obligations under the Treaty. These include natural phenomena (earthquakes, floods, etc.), the circumstances of social life (fighting, emergency status, large-scale strikes, epidemics, etc.), prohibitions of public authorities (prohibition of traffic, the prohibition of trade in order international sanctions, foreign exchange restrictions, etc.). During this time, the parties have mutual claims, and each party assumes its own risk the consequences of force majeure.

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